Storm Brewing
Choosing a place to hide out for a few months became far easier when I saw Happy Endings Resort advertised while looking for a rental. I thought it was a little ironic at first, but it also made me feel hopeful.Things have been intense lately. My job, an abusive ex, and a general feeling of uneasiness.A storm was coming so I decided to hide for a while.Here I am, enjoying the beautiful weather of South Carolina, the peacefulness of a small town, but mainly just staying inside. I’ve kept to myself, working, playing video games, and drinking beer. Pathetic, I know.One day, a nosy neighbor sets me up on a blind date and that’s when everything changes.It’s not what you’re thinking, the blind date never shows. Instead, I get stuck in a storm with Nick, a sexy distraction, and all around good guy.That’s when the hiding comes to an end and I’m forced into the eye of the storm. I’m just hoping to make it to the other side with a real happy ending.


High Note
Love, like music, is full of highs and lows. Jack is one of the most beloved country stars in the world. Sal is a rock pop goddess at the top of her career. Sal is heartbroken over a recent divorce and Jack’s divorce just seems like a long time coming. They’ve flirted with each other before and it was harmless fun. Now that they are both free, the flirting is definitely heating up and no longer harmless. Sal tries to be the voice of reason but Jack is funny, mischievous, smart, kind, hot, and did we mention hot? The competition heats up for their singing contestants on the number one rated competition show High Note. Jack and Sal are competitive by nature and as Jack fights for Sal’s heart, she fights to protect it. Jack and his magic hands bring Sal to the edge of ecstasy and her concerns melt away. Will their love crumble under the pressures of their failed marriages and celebrity life—or will they end on a high note?